Wellness Routine in Your daily Life

Here is what i am writing , how to start your day and end your day and stay healthy.

 1. First wake up early and drink warm water in an empty stomach. This helps to boost your energy level high and makes your day a perfect one. So dont forget to have a glass of warm water once you wake up early morning.

2. The next thing is that try doing  exercise in the morning or just do some small exercises like walking.

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3. Then in between 8 to 9 have your breakfast. This is the most important thing which all of us have to follow. Without breakfast a person cannot have a good energy level to proceed the rest of the day. So have a real good breakfast to keep your body to have a good energy level. It also kick starts your metabolism.

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4. Then in between 10 – 11 am have a healthy snack , it can be a fruit or a yogurt  anything which is healthy. Dont forget to drink water in between.

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5. Then its lunch time have a good healthy Lunch.Have a lots of proteins and vegetables in your daily intake.

6. Your Evening Tea , Have hot tea or coffee with Less Sugar and some nuts or any healthy snacks  to have for your evening tea.

7. Dinner time , having your dinner early is the best way to keep yourself healthy life. By 7 to 8 pm your dinner should be done, you can include a good carb like brown rice with mixed veggies and some proteins like chicken or fish for your dinner. Therefore make sure that your dinner is done before 8 .

8. By 9 or 10 its bed time . you probably can have a warm water or a cup of black tea half an hour before bed time .

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Try this and see if it works for you 🙂


10 Inspiring Quotes of Healthy Living

1. To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep ourmind strong and clear.

2. Life is not merely being alive, but being well.

3. Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.

4. A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adultthan all the medicine and psychology in the world.

5. The body is like a piano, and happiness is like music. It is needful to have the instrumentin good order.

6. The groundwork of all happiness is health.

7. Without health, life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering.

8. A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul; a sick body is a prison.

9. You pray for good health and a body that will be strong in old age. Good — but your richfoods block the gods’ answer and tie Jupiter’s hands.

10. Health and intellect are the two blessings of life.

Healthy & A Happy Living

Hi  i am back after a long break with a sick life and now getting back into my normal Healthy Life.

Today i am writing about how to “live happy and make your life a wonderful journey”.

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This world is a place to live your life in a peaceful and positive living.  The world has different positive and negative vibrant moves in many different ways, but we human beings must be really very careful and follow the Positive vibrant moves around you like meeting positive people , make positive friends , think positive, this makes your life more simple and stress free and makes a real Happy Living.

Think always Positive -:   

Yes think always positive and dont have negative thinking. This world can easily trap a  person into negative thinking but never get into it.

How to stay away from Negative thinking -:

Surround yourself with people who know you worth. You dont need too many people in your life, just the real people who appreciate you for exactly who you are. Feel happier everyday, think and pray and hope for the best that everything will be fine if you get negative message, reduce anxiety , improve positive relationships, Embrace life more , Gain more confidence.

A little video you must see

Positive Living -:

5 Habits of positive living -: Believe yourself , Help someone in need , live your passion, Get daily inspiration, Be Honest.

Train yourself with these positive thoughts -:

  1. Gratitude -:

    A fantastic way to consciously practice gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal. Every night before you to go to sleep, list everything you were grateful for throughout the day. Over time, you will see your lists become much longer!

    Having a gratitude attitude is really using the power of positive thinking to it’s highest degree.

  2. Be Kind -:

    Just like with gratitude, kindness has also been proven to make us happier and less stressed. Studies have also proven, time and time again, that kindness is contagious. If someone is kind to you, you will be inspired to pay it forward, and the person who receives your kindness will feel the same, so on and so forth.

  3. Stress Less-:

Imagine stress as fire, and all other negative and unhealthy conditions such as sadness, anger, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, and addiction as the smoke. Stress is usually the sole cause of everything that goes wrong in our lives, and as with emotional distress, it is usually self-inflicted.

Drink plenty of water, eat balanced meals, exercise, meditate, and enforce a rigid sleep routine on yourself. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, and follow the previous advice of taking time for yourself.

When stress leaves your body, your cells regenerate more efficiently. Less stress is literally more healing.

Talk Yourself Up

Be your biggest fan!

Tell yourself at least once a day that you are beautiful, talented, or just plain awesome. Do this for a while and you will come to believe it. They motivate you so much .

There is no reason why you can’t perform pep talks for yourself. You don’t have to exaggerate or lie to yourself, but the simplest way to do this is to view the glass as half-full.

For example, the next time something goes wrong, instead of telling yourself “This is bad,” instead affirm, “I can handle this” or “I will be okay.”

Laugh in the face of sadness (even if it’s forced) and more laughter will follow.

What you tell yourself, you will believe. So be kind.

Lack of Motivation In Exercise and Eating Healthy??

Well Here it is “My Story” of how i got Motivated to start a healthy life. I was a person who was a real lazy mum who did not have any motivation to do anything and just sit dumb. I used to see a lots of workout videos , healthy diet, read on how to be healthy but still i was lasy to start off to lead to healthy lifestyle.I was not a healthy mum but once i started ,my exercise and healthy eating i felt so much difference in me and i felt so much happy about my body.

This is how i started to be healthy living , One day, i met a friend of mine who from there changed my whole life to stay healthy and start my workout and stuffs and i got inspired so much , from that time i started my workouts and started eating healthy and still going with full support from my friend. And the next thing which i got motivated was ,every week i used to measure my waistline and i found that i was reducing and that is where i got the real motivation with healthy diet and workouts everyday.

So guys the main important thing that i want to say is you are the Motivation for yourself. Meet positive friends, talk to them, see how they go with a healthy living.

Tips of getting Motivated to eat healthy -:

1.Set small, measurable goals that will help you get to your overall large goal. …
Keep a food and exercise journal. …
2. Crowd processed junk food out of your diet by adding in nutritious whole foods.
3. Skip the pantry and head to the fridge. …
4. Try new foods. …
5. Enlist support from your friends and family.

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“Get Active and stay Active”

Are We Taking The Right Amount Of Water Intake?

You’ve probably heard that drinking water is very good for your body. Drinking the right amount of water is very important.To prevent dehydration, you need to drink adequate amount of water.There are many opinions on how much water you need to drinking everyday. Health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon. This is called the 8×8 rule and is very easy to remember.

How much water is too much in a day?

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Your kidneys can eliminate about 5.3-7.4 gallons (20-28 liters) of water a day, but they can’t get rid of more than 27-33 ounces (0.8-1.0 liters) per hour (14, 15). Therefore, in order to avoid hyponatremia symptoms, you should not drink more than 27-33 ounces (0.8-1.0 liters) of water per hour, on average (14).

Here is the right answer of how much water intake u need everyday-:

Drink 8 -ounce of water everyday. Water is really good for your body and especially for weight loss, skin and for many other purpose in your body.

What happens if you drink too much water?

In rare cases, drinking an extreme amount in a short time can be dangerous. It can cause the level of salt, or sodium, in your blood to drop too low. That’s a condition called hyponatremia. It’s very serious, and can be fatal. You may hear it called water intoxication.

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What is Water Intoxication?

Water Intoxication , also known as water poisoning or water toxemia is a potential fatal disturbance in brain functions that results when normal balance of electrolytes in body is pushed outside safe limits by over hydration.

“Therefore drinking the right amount of water everyday is very important for your body. The right amount of water intake is a must for a Healthy lifestyle”.


30 Min Rule

No matter how busy you are , plan yourself , take a half an hour just for yourself , for your well being, go for a walk , plan healthy meals or just relax and recharge , have a glass of water.

Your not selfish at all its just for your well being. After all if your not healthy then how would look after others in a family. Think about it and start from today just for yourself .

Have a healthy lifestyle 😊