Lack of Motivation In Exercise and Eating Healthy??

Well Here it is “My Story” of how i got Motivated to start a healthy life. I was a person who was a real lazy mum who did not have any motivation to do anything and just sit dumb. I used to see a lots of workout videos , healthy diet, read on how to be healthy but still i was lasy to start off to lead to healthy lifestyle.I was not a healthy mum but once i started ,my exercise and healthy eating i felt so much difference in me and i felt so much happy about my body.

This is how i started to be healthy living , One day, i met a friend of mine who from there changed my whole life to stay healthy and start my workout and stuffs and i got inspired so much , from that time i started my workouts and started eating healthy and still going with full support from my friend. And the next thing which i got motivated was ,every week i used to measure my waistline and i found that i was reducing and that is where i got the real motivation with healthy diet and workouts everyday.

So guys the main important thing that i want to say is you are the Motivation for yourself. Meet positive friends, talk to them, see how they go with a healthy living.

Tips of getting Motivated to eat healthy -:

1.Set small, measurable goals that will help you get to your overall large goal. …
Keep a food and exercise journal. …
2. Crowd processed junk food out of your diet by adding in nutritious whole foods.
3. Skip the pantry and head to the fridge. …
4. Try new foods. …
5. Enlist support from your friends and family.

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“Get Active and stay Active”


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