Wellness Routine in Your daily Life

Here is what i am writing , how to start your day and end your day and stay healthy.

 1. First wake up early and drink warm water in an empty stomach. This helps to boost your energy level high and makes your day a perfect one. So dont forget to have a glass of warm water once you wake up early morning.

2. The next thing is that try doing  exercise in the morning or just do some small exercises like walking.

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3. Then in between 8 to 9 have your breakfast. This is the most important thing which all of us have to follow. Without breakfast a person cannot have a good energy level to proceed the rest of the day. So have a real good breakfast to keep your body to have a good energy level. It also kick starts your metabolism.

Image result for importance of breakfast

4. Then in between 10 – 11 am have a healthy snack , it can be a fruit or a yogurt  anything which is healthy. Dont forget to drink water in between.

Related image

5. Then its lunch time have a good healthy Lunch.Have a lots of proteins and vegetables in your daily intake.

6. Your Evening Tea , Have hot tea or coffee with Less Sugar and some nuts or any healthy snacks  to have for your evening tea.

7. Dinner time , having your dinner early is the best way to keep yourself healthy life. By 7 to 8 pm your dinner should be done, you can include a good carb like brown rice with mixed veggies and some proteins like chicken or fish for your dinner. Therefore make sure that your dinner is done before 8 .

8. By 9 or 10 its bed time . you probably can have a warm water or a cup of black tea half an hour before bed time .

Image result for bedtime for adults


Try this and see if it works for you 🙂


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